Sitting, part 3

in which Megan sits and sees a view during Lent 2011


I am happy.


The wind is out of the north! Lusty and loud. Shoving around all the trees. Blowing a tiny spider into my tea.


Open the windows! A/C–begone! Humidity–adios! The clouds have run for cover.


I am not cold. I sit at the back of the North Wind. Like little Diamond, frail and sick, but carried by a raucous presence who loves him.


Heresy? I think not. George MacDonald, whom C.S. Lewis regarded as his master.


Ooh, yeah!


Red cardinal grips the branch of the pecan tree, whose limbs are no longer whipping from left to right but in circles.


Come on now!


Cardinal adjusts but hangs on.


Bring it!


Twigs on the roof. Branches on the ground.


Don’t stop!


69 degrees, winds gusting from the north-northwest at 30 mph. Fire weather warning: urgent.


So be it.