Sitting, part 8

in which Megan sits and sees a view during Lent 2011


Clover attends to the sound of the bell. She was sitting behind me, against me. The bell rang. She cocked her head and jumped off the chair to investigate.


Today is cool. Solid clouds.


The squirrels are busy this morning.


Our new and improved storage building looks so good. The sides are sealed in. Even the old window looks cute with the new wood trim. The old doors lay on the ground, rotted. Rusted hinges, torn.


All is calm. All is bright (although still cloudy).


Cars. I see why my neighbors moved three blocks away. They’re closer to the creek now. The birds don’t mind the cars or the clouds.


Old leaves smushed against the fence.


New kelly green in the tree across the alley. The rest are bare, except the live oaks. Oh, wait–I see one more in leaf, just a block up. And a third, over to the right. It looks like someone spilled lime green paint.


One foot asleep. One awake.


A fluorescent orange line on a new board on the storage building. John’s mark? Or the maker’s?