The High Calling of a Radio DJ

The other night I was at a fundraiser for one of my favorite local ministries. The event was emceed by a DJ from the local country music station.


The evening was going well, despite a few screw-ups by the DJ. He mispronounced the honoree’s name. He messed up the order of service. But he could laugh at himself, and we laughed right along with him.


The keynote speaker talked about finding your “authentic swing” (a “Legend of Bagger Vance” reference) in terms of your career. The night’s honoree had found his calling in medicine and used it to help villagers in rural Mexico.


Then, the DJ got up to speak.


Have you ever seen a man hold onto the edge of a podium, as if he’s physically trying to keep the tears from falling? Well, that’s what the DJ was doing. Finally, he pulled himself together.


He said he’s been a DJ since he was 14. He’d never wanted to do anything else. But lately he’d been wondering if that was really God’s will for him, just playing songs on the radio. Not even Christian songs–country songs.


Then, at a recent funeral, a woman came up to him and said, “My father was sick for nine months. He couldn’t get out of bed. But he looked forward to the four hours a day of your radio show. That’s what he lived for, right up until the end.”


The high calling of your daily work doesn’t have to be spiritual. This country music DJ is good at his job. He impacts lives.


And he can rock a fundraiser.