In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, at the Spring Creek Resort, they have traffic signs that look like traditional stop signs, except that these signs say, “Whoa.”


Very Jackson.


I first saw these signs at my cousin’s wedding, which was in Jackson but was not at the resort. Believe it or not, it was someplace even prettier–her backyard.


But those signs got me to thinking. Whoa. Not Stop. Whoa.


Frankly, it’s hard to come to a complete stop. It’s hard to do on the Sabbath. It’s hard to do at an actual stop sign (at least, it is for me). But I can Whoa. I can thoughtfully yield and then mosey on my way.


Whoa-ing is especially important for me during the holiday season. For the next few weeks, my sabbaths may look a little different, but that’s OK.