Why I Love the “Grilled Cheesus” episode of “Glee”

Let me just say in front of God and everyone that I love the “Grilled Cheesus” episode of “Glee,” which was rerun last night on Fox. If it was supposed to offend my noble Christian sensibilities, it didn’t. For a second time, it strengthened my faith during a time when it is being severely stretched.


For those who found Finn and his holy sandwich offensive, this is exactly how the world thinks. People like Finn, with no religious background, think of God as a genie. If they saw Jesus in their grilled cheese, they’d pray just like he does–for football glory and to get further with a girlfriend.


I also loved that Puck, the classic bad boy, turns to his Jewish faith. In this episode he goes to temple with his grandmother and prays for Kurt’s dad. He says it felt good, even though it probably made him a wuss.


There are two characters who don’t believe in God — Sue and Kurt. Their lack of faith is not a result of bad circumstances but because of some bad people. Sue couldn’t handle people ridiculing her mentally-disabled sister, Jeanie, and she was mad that God didn’t answer her prayers to make her sister well. And Kurt, although he could be mad at God for his mom’s death, isn’t. He’s mad because he’s ridiculed every day for being gay.


Until …


Enter Mercedes. Lord, let me be like her when I grow up! She confronts Kurt, who is her best friend, and tells him that he needs to come to church with her. She’s gotten her church to dedicate the service to him and his dad. She knows that Kurt doesn’t believe in God, but she tells him that he needs to believe in something bigger than what he can touch, taste, or see. Then she, backed up by an amazing black gospel choir, sings a rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”


Even better …


Sue’s sister, Jeanie, asks Sue if she believes in God. Sue says no and explains why.


“God doesn’t make mistakes. That’s what I believe,” Jeanie says. And then she adds, “Do you want me to pray for you?”


Sue says, “That’d be nice.”


Thanks to all of you who have put up with my ups and downs lately. You are true friends. And if any of you want to pray for me–especially now that you know I watch “Glee”–well, that’d be nice.