The 13 Days of Christmas: dress

Why 13 days? Because that’s how long my kids are out of school!


Hi, Mom. How do you like J.J.’s new dress? We bought it for Christmas lunch at Nannie’s today. Scott will wear the suit we bought for Kendra’s wedding. They both have new haircuts. You’d be so proud.

I love you. Merry Christmas!


  1. Okay, this one made me tear up. Merry Christmas, Megan. All 13 days of it!

  2. The dress is lovely—-and imagining J,J. in it—–
    beautiful, no doubt !!!

    Also, going to Nanny’s and Scott in his suit—-
    all joy to your mom, for sure !

    ……..and to me, as you honor your mom with this post.

    missing her so with you …………