The 13 Days of Christmas: drive

Why 13 days? Because that’s how long my kids are out of school!


My 15-year-old son got his learner’s permit yesterday, which means he can help drive to Hamlin in West Texas this afternoon. My brother and I were talking on Twitter yesterday that we did our first highway driving in West Texas. Yeehaw!


  1. Love seeing your reflection in today’s photo-post! Life changes so much with that first driver in the family. Sigh. It’s good, but there is loss with it, too. Be prepared. :>)

  2. Yesterday as C.C and I walked down a Vancouver street a bright little yellow ball went bouncing past us along the curb. It bounced under a car and disappeared and I thought of you and your yellow butterfly. Thanks!

    Have a great drive

    Happy New Year

  3. What a milestone—-for BOTH you and Scott !!!

    Cant believe that it is already here !!!