Nature Walk

First, Laura Boggess reminded her readers about going outside for a “playdate with God.” Then, Cassandra Frear said that she loves winter walks because she finds nests in leafless trees. So on my sabbath, I headed out to the nature trail at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park.

When I had last been? Two years? Three? It was back when my kids were young enough to think that a nature walk was a fun idea.

It was chilly, but not cold. Brilliant sun (not a single cloud). So, off to find nests. But I didn’t find any. What I thought was a nest turned out to be …

a cat. Do you see him? He’s fat and grey. In fact, he looks like he just ate the entire nest whole and decided to sit up there for the rest of his days.

So much for spiritual inspiration. Isn’t this typical, I thought. I go looking for serenity and find a predator.

But a little further down the trail, I found something else …

birds. I don’t know if you can see them, but if you had passed by the Bird Blind and Feeding Area, you would have heard them. There were so many birds that it sounded like water splashing. This little area was absolutely teeming with birds. I sat on one of the bar stools and just watched and listened.

Not as long as I should have stayed, but long enough to notice.


  1. I’m glad you found her own moment with God.

  2. Isn’t it amazing when you realize that years have passed since doing something that you loved? I could almost hear the birds here.

  3. My backyard is covered in birds these days — the cats are all inside staying warm. Yesterday, I had to fill the feeder three times, and today, I’m going to buy a feeder for the window outside my office (it’s on the front side of the house). The little sparrows and chickadees hover in the bushes outside my window — I figure I can feed them while they assemble 🙂

    Lovely post Megan. Thansk.

  4. I just came back from a walk Megan. I hated for it to end (but my legs had about had enough!). It really is somehow refreshing to just drink in whatever is going on out there.

  5. Nice. Long enough to notice and catch a splash, too. Even a splash of grace keeps us wet for a long time, though. I like the cerebral lining to this post — expecting that moment of spiritual transcendence but finding a cat.

  6. Why, thank you for this little nod, my friend! This has been a week of inside for me. First rain, then cold, now the busy. I miss it when this happens. I’m glad you found a little time to grab a breather. That’s what I’m doing here too: breathe in, breathe out…breathe in, breathe out…:)

  7. That predator must love his habitat near the bird blind. Wonder what’s he’s up to when no one is watching?

  8. I live vicariously through you today. Brutally cold here. But I do have this: a lovely view of snow falling, and I feel like my house is sitting inside a snow-globe.

  9. We can find a lot of treasures in the leafless…