A Texas Blessing

I’ve been afraid to talk about it too much here, but after a long period of not attending church at all, I started attending St. Mary’s about 14 months ago. In September, I began RCIA classes, which is what you have to do if you want to be come Catholic.

I think I do.

Please, if you think this is a horrible decision, don’t tell me. Just quietly exit this blog and don’t leave a comment.

Every time I’ve thought, “Maybe this is a mistake,” I run into someone who gives me encouragement. Once it was Kathi, at Young Lives. A week ago, it was Margy, right in the middle of H-E-B. We were both crying. And last Sunday, it was the lay minister at Mass.

Usually, I end up in Pat’s line. Pat is a deacon and co-leads our RCIA class (Rite of Catholic Initiation for Adults). He knows me. He gives a proper blessing, since I can’t partake of the bread and wine yet. But Pat wasn’t there last Sunday. I ended up with my arms crossed in front of some rancher.

I bowed my head.

He gingerly reached out his hand and barely touched my forehead with his rough fingertips. He said, “God bless you, darlin’.”


  1. Oh, Megan – I so totally, totally get this. I am sorry for whatever painful situation sent you down the road of seeking after what was probably a very long time in a different place. But then again, it’s the yearning that is at the heart of so much of this journey called faith, isn’t it? Yours is not a decision I would make or will make, but if this is how God is drawing you to deepening your faith, I offer my own words of encouragement and blessing. Darlin’!!

  2. Love this. It’s so true, so Texan–and I’m so glad you’ve found a spiritual home.

  3. Beautiful Megan. I lost your new blog-address and didn’t remember to stop by for awhile. It occurs to me on this February 70+degree clear blue sky day in Texas that maybe all this sunshine and warmth is The Father BROADLY smiling because of your worship and faith journey and love. I missed touching base on your birthday but prayed for you and gave thanks for you a long while. It was a good time basking in the Father’s presense on your behalf. Love you!

  4. I love hearing you tell your story.

  5. I am impressed. And I am more and more enamored with the Catholic church. Good for you for making the commitment to the classes.

  6. I remember the first week that I joined the monks for day prayers, I was with my friends, Lutheran pastors. We were encouraged to join the brothers at the altar and receive the blessing, which we did, and which — thanks at least in part to our own ineptitude — caused no small bit of commotion. But afterwards, one of the brothers who has been so kind to me in my journey stopped at our pew and invited us to stay for lunch. As he stepped away, he turned back to us and said, “And i look forward to the day we can invite you to Supper.”

    Of course, that day isn’t likely to come in this lifetime of any of the three of us. Even so, as you already know, you’ll find me there week after week because there is something there that I deeply need right now. I am glad that you are finding the thing that you deeply need as well.

  7. Hi Megan, I am a cradle Catholic who fell out of the nest long ago and struggles to find her wings on the faith of what she was raised on. But….

    I hear you sistah!

    There is something beautiful and comforting and reassuring about Catholicism. At a funeral at the Cathedral here on Saturday the thought skittered through my mind, oh, I should so come home to God.

    thanks for sharing your story.

  8. Well, I think it’s an awesomely wonderful idea. And if you feel that deep inside of you…then that must be the voice of God. Maybe the Divine One even has a Texan accent. Wonder if there is a Cowboy hat in the wardrobe in heaven?

    I also wanted to say thank you. I’ve been thinking of your kids, praying. It’s so hard to live in this broken place sometimes. But sorrow seems to be the place that God folds most completely around me and so I am grateful for His comfort.

  9. I can see you, finding your way and feeling at peace. Smiling.

  10. God bless you, indeed! And He is.

  11. Beautiful. Oh, the surprise ending. I gasped.

  12. I’m jealous – in a good way. I’m so happy for you! Love, Sally

  13. Still my spiritual heroine, after all these years.