(Not the trip I just took with my husband. The one before. Please forgive the Spanglish.)

Mi amor.

Come to la playa. The Playa del Carmen.

El agua es blue. El hotel is muy nice.

Muchas margaritas!

You read Sports Illustrated in the shade while

I nado in el Caribe.

En la tarde, ESPN in Español—gol!

Venga at sundown, for dinner.

Afterward, we’ll caminar under la luna

watch for the first estrellas

—   dos.


  1. The best vacation we ever took was to Playa Del Carmen. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Nice. My wife’s family is Spanish-speaking, and they are always doing Spanglish on the phone. It’s cute.

  3. Whatever you said, it sounds great to me about now. Sigh. We are heading to the Caribbean in May – first time for us. Not Mexico, but St. Thomas. And we will skip the Margaritas – but the rest of it…sounds quite familiar. And lovely. Hope it was.

  4. Muy bueno Megan!

  5. I understood muchas margaritas!

  6. Dora. Where’s Dora when I need her?