Sitting in Estes: Canada geese

Last Lent I did a series called “Sitting,” just observing what was happening in my backyard. I sat earlier this month in Estes Park, Colorado. Here’s what I saw:

These fellows were waddling around Lake Estes. They slipped on the ice, just like they were trying out skates for the first time. When we arrived, the weather was warm, so parts of the lake were unfrozen.

I love the trail around this lake, which reminds me a little of the trail around Lady Bird Lake in Austin. Lots of people and dogs. A few bikes.


  1. Megan , I love Estes Park so much . I’ve been there a couple of times – such grand memories. Enjoy the grandeur.

  2. I love it, too. Preferably in summer.

  3. The boys and I watched Canadian geese on a barely frozen pond here a few weeks ago. They kept plunking through the thin ice into the water and then wrangling themselves out again. We couldn’t help ourselves, we just laughed and laughed. I don’t think they appreciated our laughter at their expense, but it was impossible not to.