Sitting in Estes: Gray jay

Last Lent I did a series called “Sitting,” just observing what was happening in my backyard. I sat earlier this month in Estes Park, Colorado. Here’s what I saw:

I heard it before I saw it. Who knew that when you stop to sit after hiking in the snow, it’s cold! I ate standing up, shifting from foot to foot.

I scanned Lake Bierstadt for the sound, but it was right behind us. The bird (which I did not identify until later) was sitting on top of the pine tree, just like a partridge in a pear tree.


  1. Haven’t said hello to you in a while, Megan =) I thought of you just the other day when I posted on my blog anniversary, because I noticed you weren’t in that group poetry shot at LL… rats. Anyway, I thought of you with tender thoughts and smiled… the way you write with such honesty and power… you are a light.

  2. Empty white paper like a green pine. We wait, we listen, and soon find such unexpected, feathery treasure.

    Good ears, Megan. And good eye.

  3. Look at that pretty thing! Loving these brief glimpses into your week away – so glad you had it. (You can get a pretty decent small Canon camera at Costco for less than $200, I think – not an SLR – which start about $350 – but still with a digital zoom lens which can bring things closer.) But this guy was close enough for a great shot – no need for X15 zoom!