A happy poem (dang it!)

March is the month in which my daughter was born. Isn’t that nice of God to include a birthday in the same month in which there was a death?

She’s turning 13 this year. But when she was approaching her 10th birthday, she looked through the calendar one morning at breakfast and announced, “Only 70 days ’til my birthday eve!”

If you can’t write poem about that, then you just aren’t trying.


Only 70 days ‘til my birthday eve

Yes, I’ve counted it – 70 days.

That’s only two turns of the calendar

‘til my parents erupt in praise.

Only 70 days ‘til I get my first card

From my grandma in Timbuktu

She always sends money and writes,

“Dear Honey, I wish I could be with you.”

Only 70 days ‘til I open my gifts

Arranged in a birthday tree.

Every aunt, every uncle, even Great Grandpa Norman

Will bring a present for me.

Only 70 days ‘til my party starts

With cake and candles and song

Oh my friends will sing, and I will be Queen –

The Birthday Queen – all day long

After 70 days, my birthday will pass

And I, avoiding sleep,

Will count the days on my calendar

Till my next birthday eve.


  1. This really captures her. Great job.

  2. This makes me smile. All of it.

    And for some reason, I think it says something about this young lady that she counted the days not until her birthday, but until her birthday eve. But I’m not sure what I think it says. 😉 Perhaps if I knew her, I could see it.

    Happy almost birthday eve to your daughter, Megan. I’m sitting out my grandpa’s 104th birthday party at home today. Had planned to drive to Minneapolis to celebrate with him, but I’m afraid I’d pass along strep or influenza or whatever we’re dealing with at my house today.

  3. How lovely!

  4. LOVE this, Megan. See – you can do happy. Yes, you can. In fact, I’d say you’re gifted at it. This is whimsical and fun and shows us another whole side to you, your life, your family. Thank you.

  5. What fun! Sounds like b-days are wrapped in love at your place too.

    I’ve got 2 in-law b-days this month. Usually when I remember the one, I realized I skipped the other. My bad.


  6. I love how your family celebrates and how that makes her feel so loved. And I love the fun of this.