Lents I Have Known: 6

This is a fairly big Easter for me. On Saturday night at 8:30 p.m., I’ll be at church for the Great Vigil of Easter, and by the end of the service–2 1/2 to 3 hours later–I will have been confirmed in the Catholic church.

So, why, I hear you all asking. Why?

I’ve been planning the answer for months, as if it were a talk in front of an audience. It’s even got a joke in it. But it’s too long to post here.

Instead, I want to tell you about my friend, Martha (Hi, Martha!). She just recently found out about my decision and said, “Oh! I was raised in the Catholic church. I was even in religious life for several years.”

For you Protestants out there, that means Martha was a nun.

I don’t know all of her reasons for leaving, but after she did she met her husband, and they have three beautiful daughters–inside and out. In fact, I don’t know of a more Godly family anywhere.

God led Martha in one direction, and he’s led me in another. That’s OK.

Happy Easter, everyone.



  1. Oh, Megan. This is what is important: He leads; you follow. He leads; I follow.

    I feel privileged to have the long answer, and to understand something of your journey. And I’m excited to see the culmination of it so close at hand. (Except I don’t want to use that word — culmination — because the journey certainly does not stop there, does it?)

    Praying with you in your many big days ahead. Love to you, my friend.

  2. Megan, not need to think of a ‘why’ for us, or anyone, really. God knows and you know.

    This photo, by the by, is SO lovely. It does my heart good to see the bluebonnets!

    Happy Easter! He is Risen.

  3. deidrariggs says

    My friend invited me to go with her to the Great Vigil of Easter at her church here in town. I instantly thought of you and I told her, “Yes! I’d love to!” Because being there will be kind of like being with you.

    (I want to hear the version with the joke.)

  4. I feel a bit like an intruder, but this is so stirring.

  5. Megan, wonderful, wonderful! I am happy and excited for you. Blessings, dear friend, as you step forward in faith.

  6. Sending you oh so many hugs. My sister, who is Communications Director for the diocese here has been very busy this week coordinating Holy Week masses. They sound beautiful and meaningful. My heart is so full for you.

  7. Mark Osler says

    Congratulations! We all are led to where we fit.

  8. dukeslee says

    You crack me up. I was just about to grab a cup of decaf, and settle in to read the long story.

    But you know what? I think you pretty well summed it up with this: ” … and that’s OK.”

    I hope you had the best Easter yet, Megan. I’m thrilled for you. And for Jesus. He’s crazy about you. Which you surely know.

  9. Oh, my friend. I am so so happy for you. I think this is just wonderful. Just wonderful.