A Wee Tree

Just got back from my visit to Northern Ireland last night. I had no idea that I’d see cherry blossoms in full color all over the country. I also had no idea that our guide, Ken McElroy, would delight us by reciting Irish poetry each day. Ken, thanks for a lovely trip!


  1. Yay and welcome back, Megan! Missed you and hope your trip was ‘successful’ business wise and also refreshing, despite the agonies of cross-ocean travel. So glad to see you!

  2. lschontos says

    Welcome back Megan. I am eager to hear much more. It was absolutely beautiful – right?

  3. What a beautiful tree to welcome you wherever it may be.

  4. I want to hear all about it!! I had the strongest urge to call you today. But I thought that might be rude–you just returning from an overseas trip and all. But I missed you. I hope you brought us back some stories 🙂

  5. Susan DiMickele says

    Wow! Welcome back. I look forward to hearing more about the trip. What a lovely guide.