for Deidra


I hear your green glider squeak

I feel your foot push it back and forth on the porch

I see the sun shining on your toes,

painted with bright pink polish

I smell the sand clinging to your wet denim jeans

I taste your collard greens

I taste the fried okra your sweet H made in the kitchen

I smell that oxygen mask you needed for that smelly

Boot Camp

I see your trunk staring with eyes wide open

I feel the splash of the waves around your ankles

Most of all I hear your voice through that email:

{I’m whispering here} will you write a book?


  1. It’s The Poem!!!! Megan, you bless me in so many ways, I can’t even keep count anymore!!! The fact that 1- you read all of those posts, and 2- you remember them (!) is an astonishing gift to me!!! YOU are an astonishing gift to me!!! I love you!!! (I need something more emphatic than an exclamation mark!!!!)

    • You could just say Whee! (That’s a little bigger than an exclamation point.)

      Megan, this is beautiful. It is you and it is Deidra, all tangled up together in the words.

      Remembering all over again why I love you both so much.

  2. lschontos says

    This captures her so beautifully Megan. I will add my whisper to hers and suggest the very same thing for you (a book of poetry perhaps?).

  3. Such a beautiful gift of friendship! That’s the stuff that Happy Birthdays are made of!

  4. Fantastic, Megan.

    What a gift this is — to Deidra, but also to all of us who appreciate the both of you so very much.

  5. Just lovely. Both of you.

  6. so tender and lovely…

  7. Whee!!!!!!!!!!

  8. No exclamation points here. No whees. Just a hush. Just. Hushed.