Heaven? It’s in Creede.

If you want to know the temperature in Heaven, just check the weather in Creede, Colorado. It’s programmed into my iPhone. I’ll bet money it’s programmed into my dad’s iPhone, too.

My parents started going to Creede several years ago, thanks to Ben and Amy, who let them use their house. One of the best decisions of my life was including a week in Creede during our 2008 summer vacation to Colorado. Mom was feeling good that week, even though the tumor in her eye was turning the world sepia.

We went to the theater. We fished in the Rio Grande. We drove around. John and I and the kids hiked in the San Juans. There was a horseback ride in there somewhere. My son was young enough to battle imaginary bad guys hiding behind the stairs. My daughter was old enough to tour a mine and make appropriate comments. We saw bears, an eagle. We had steak and salad and potatoes and red wine. Also, my dad’s $89 Stew with Fat Tire. We made s’mores.

As I write this post, it’s 43 degrees in Creede. The forecast calls for morning sunshine followed by isolated thunderstorms during the afternoon.

Enjoy Heaven, Mom, even if it’s not quite like Creede. We miss you. Happy Mother’s Day.


  1. Poignant, perfectly expressed. Thinking of you this weekend.

  2. Sheila Seiler Lagrand says

    I’m so glad you have the results of that great decision to kindle this memory. What a gift.

    And you share it beautifully here.

  3. Great memories from Creede–truly to be savored. Merry Nell really loved that clean mountain air, the incredible views, watching wildlife on the deck and dipping her line in those cool mountain lakes. Just a little taste of Heaven.

  4. Pam Wilson says

    Merry Nell is smiling!

  5. Perfect. My heaven will involve saltines, raisins, Diet Coke, and long talks with you my friend.

  6. Well, my idea of heaven includes a lot higher temperature and a view of the ocean. However, my idea of heaven also includes great meals with family, so I think our visions overlap at the most important places.

  7. charitysingleton says

    Megan – Creede will always be a place of remembrance to you. Yes, I’m so glad you went then, so glad you keep going. Keep remembering.

  8. I love that you have a place you can consider hers. I love that a lot.

    (And, at what age do kids start making appropriate comments? We’re not there yet. 🙂 )

    Happy Thursday, my friend.

  9. I love Colorado and have such wonderful memories of our vacation there several years ago. I’m so glad you had this special time with your mom. xoxo

  10. I live in Colorado but havent been to Creede yet. but this Labor Day, I’m going. I dont have a fancy place, but i’ll pitch a tent and drink it all in. Did you know that Gordon, Real Live Preacher, has been going there for 20 years?

    • I did!
      Hope you enjoy it. It’s not a fancy place, but lots of fun. And I’ve heard the aspens are gorgeous in September. I was there in August.