Psalm 139 (the cycling version)

I have searched20120609-170913.jpg

and I have known.

I know when to coast

and I know when to get up in the saddle.

I discern when it’s safe to turn.

I think about my going out when I’m lying down.

I am familiar with all my routes.

Before my wheel makes a complete circle

my ride is known.

The path before and behind is laid out.

Such views are too wonderful for me.

too spectacular from the hilltops.

Where shall I go today?

If I go north, Cherry Mountain is there.

If I head south, Luckenbach greets me.

If I ride east, I find the oldest church in the county.

If I pedal west—well, I haven’t figured out west yet.

Yet even there, my hands grip the bar and climb.

If I ride in the morning, as the night becomes light,

the moon still watches over me.

Even if the sun blinds me

I turn into the shade around the next bend.

I don’t know who formed this machine’s inward parts,

who ratcheted it together.

I give thanks that it is fearfully and wonderfully made.

Wonderful are Trek’s works,

that I know very well.

No road is hidden secret. Not one street is secret.

My speedometer keeps track of every mile and minute.

How vast the paths yet unridden!

If I were to replay every one on my bed,

I’d never sleep.

Begone, dogs!

Shoo, sheep!

Go, goats!

Mooove, cows!

Die, deer! (if you lived here, you’d understand)

I hate harsh winds.

I despise dirt piles that hide glass and nails

and 4x4s that honk unnecessarily.

Oh God, search my paths. Test my routes.

Know my leavings and returnings

and the miles yet to be.


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    My wife posted this poem this morning. I really liked it.

  2. Fantastic! Well done, Megan — from whence your strength shall come ? Ride thee, unto the hills. (oh no. You’ve got me started and i don’t think I can stop…:)

  3. How delightful to meet you and I probably have the same thoughts and feelings about Louise that you mentioned in your guest post on her site. She was my first commenter and gave me the confidence and belief in what I was writing to actually want to keep going. So I could blame her or thank her, but will always adore her as a blogger and a friend.

    Great poem by the way

  4. Ok this was great really enjoyed it……………..also loved your guest post on Louises blog………………

  5. lschontos says

    This is wonderful Megan. We have to get our bikes out of the shop!
    I totally understand about the deer.

  6. This is wonderful, Megan – fun – and serious, too. You are just the most fun, slightly off-center (thankfully), thoughtful, creative person – so glad to know you.

  7. Spectacular! Love! (I have a Trek.)

  8. So glad Sandra directed me here.

  9. Love this even if my only cycling is on my indoor recumbent!

  10. Wonderful, Megan! You must have so thoroughly enjoyed writing this… as much as I did reading it. What a wonderful gift to share with us.. thank you. =)

  11. Oh what fun! And, I don’t even live in Texas, and I get the part about the deer. 🙂

  12. Oh my land!

  13. I love this! I find that in my day, I hardly think about praying or being grateful… until I am moving my body and my mind in exercise. I find that I at the end of a 2 hour yoga session that I feel so at peace and then I realize that I just prayed the whole time. I find that I don’t truly stop [until I am in motion] to think about what I am grateful for in this amazing creation. When I am riding in the evening with my husband, looking at my favorite artist’s latest sunset over the tetons, I feel most revived. Thanks for sharing this. I love the spin. 🙂

  14. You are giving me all my smiles lately :). Such playfulness in this one. It kind of makes my butt sore…