Not On Vacation #3

I am not on vacation this month, but I’m taking it a little slower. Instead of regular blogging, I’m doing a photo essay based on last year’s trip to a place I go as often as possible: the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado.

These photos are from the winter trip John and I took up there earlier this year. Here’s our cabin.

Here’s us.

Here’s the gorge we scaled together.

P.S. Happy 20th Anniversary, Honey.


  1. Megan, I think I was at that same YMCA of Estes Park when I was a young lad. It was so beautiful there. Funny to see pics of snow when its been so scorching hot lately.

    Have a great summer, keep taking it easy while not on vacation. It’s good for you.

  2. John D. Willome says

    Happy anniversary, Mego. I love you.


  3. Cross-country skiing is so great. I love that zipping, whizzing noise when I get in a groove of good, long, strokes. We got our sons on cross-country skis when they were 2 or 3.

    Does that say “Dancing Deer”? That puts a funny image in my head.

  4. lschontos says

    Happy Anniversary Megan! You look far too young to have been married twenty years.

  5. How beautiful — and Happy Anniversary!

  6. For not being on vacation you are looking and feeling pretty sweet here.