Not On Vacation #4

The last post in my photo essay about not taking a vacation. Can you stand two more pictures of  the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado?

Two views of my favorite bridge. It’s most used by the horse rides out of Jackson Stables, but if you’re willing to step carefully, it’s a back way into Rocky Mountain National Park. You come out at Tuxedo Junction, where you can catch a shuttle.

I kind of have a thing for bridges.

You never know where they’ll lead.


  1. Bridges are great because they provide the strength and support you need to cross over something that would have otherwise been extremely difficult if not impossible to cross otherwise.

  2. it’s a beautiful bridge. looks like they used some of the surrounding wood/tree.

  3. This reminds me of the swinging bridge that crossed the Klickitat River one year after a flood destroyed the main bridge. It was always a breath-catching walk as we crossed it.

  4. That is quite a beauty. And what a reward after crossing–those tree roots. You have captured in your photo two of my favorite things. I’ve found them quite handy in life.

  5. I love that bridge. Michigan has about a dozen covered bridges left. I want to go see the all.