Mama Bear

(a poem about Mama Bears, because school starts tomorrow)


Lie down, Mama Bear.

Go back in your cave.

Your cubs, they are fine.

The other animals in the forest—

the stag, the doe, the mountain lion

even the rabbits

the sad fish in the streams—

All have a role in their raising.

Your cubs, they are almost grown.

Stop marking your territory

Clawing the breaking bark

Go jump in a lake

Take a stroll under a half-full moon


Time to hibernate, Mama Bear

Redecorate your cave if you must.

Your offspring are in good hands.


  1. Sweet poem, Megan! I’m one of the teachers folks are sending kids back to. We do consider it a privilege. Thanks for visiting me at Doorkeeper. Blessings!

  2. Yet so hard to let go…
    nicely done, now there is a hunger for honey here

  3. jumping in a lake sounds lovely!

  4. Aw. Sweetness and fun – just you on the page. I would only add – hibernation is not necessary, but lake-jumping, cave-decorating, adventure-seeking – yes, indeed!

  5. Hey. You talkin’ to me?

    OK, OK, I’ll quit baring my fangs. But bears cannot retract their claws. It’s just not possible.

    • See? This is why I need you in my life! Like the person who pointed out to the late, great David Rackoff the difference between a tortoise and a turtle.

  6. and then go buy a box of kleenex and a a bottle of hand sanitizer because the band teacher wants some…

  7. Ah yes. Back to school.

    I remember those days…. not so well any more… but I’m still a mama bear! 🙂

  8. Very good hands. And there are angels and springs of living water.

  9. Okay, seriously? I was going to type “Hey, you talkin’ to me?”

    And then I scrolled down the comments and saw what Monica said.

    Dang, it’s unfortunate to arrive late. But this is a great piece, Megan.

  10. I’m smarter and happier when I read your poetry.

  11. My cave could use a little redecorating…