The Artist Dates: Nothing

As Dang Julia July came to an end, I considered what my artist child might want to do on her last artist date.

The answer: nothing.

Not a thing.

See, I knew then what is true now—one month later—now that the school year is full swing and there are no free moments. Monday through Friday is full. Friday night is full. All day Saturday is full. Sunday is technically free, but that’s when we catch up on the things we couldn’t get to Monday through Saturday.

So on my last artist date, on which I happened to be alone for most of the day, I did a whole lot of nuthin’. I laid around. I listened to podcasts. I plucked the dying rose petals off my anniversary bouquet. I made a new Pandora station. I watched the Olympics.

Now, exactly four weeks later, I’m glad I did. My artist child needed a lazy summer day.


  1. That is so awesome.

  2. Yup. That was nothing you did. That was everything you needed — there’s perfection in its nothingness!

  3. My family is still able to have a few “nothing” weekend afternoons every once in a while. It is such a gift. I suppose that’s the benefit of neither kid being in sports or band…when we have those times I love it. To me Life is a battle between the “shoulds” and just enjoying the present moment. You mananged it brilliantly!

  4. Oh, glory be! We all need lazy summer days . . . all year long. So glad you had one. And that, my dear, sounds like an absolutely PERFECT artist’s date to me. Good job!

  5. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

  6. I adore those “do nothing” days. They don’t come along often, but what a joy when they do.

  7. that’s a lot of really good nothin’

  8. I love nothing.