Not Royal Doulton


In this world

we must handle injustice like fine china

it must be kept safe from our fancy appliances

washed by hand

dried with a linen towel

packed in bubble wrap

In the next world

injustice will be flung aside

each child will receive a place setting of unfairness

to smash against the pearly gates

God tosses a gravy boat to an eager toddler.

He does not count the cost.


  1. Sorry to follow up something so great and profound with something so simple, but, wow, that was great.

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    My wife’s blog from this morning.

  3. Your husband is right – WOW. Megan, this is truly profound. Thank you so much. SO MUCH.

  4. So glad Diana shared this link. And WOW! is right.

  5. Megan.

    I don’t have a comment. But I so want to leave one for you.

    This one leaves me wordless.


  6. love the smashing game. 🙂 And I just noticed, up in your header, your corollary to my “have tea, might write.” How funny.

  7. I seriously want to go throw a piece of my wedding china out the kitchen window, letting it fall, fall, fall…

  8. hisfirefly says

    wordless here as well, no breath, heart breaks

  9. Is there a way to fling something now that would actually have, you know, an impact?

  10. Lovely Megan, really. You are quite witty and wise and creative with your words. And aren’t those characteristics of a poet. It’s how I define them anyway.

  11. Oh, Megan…. I just know Jesus is smiling at you and saying, ‘yep, she gets it, Dad.’ Sending you a hug. <3

  12. It is a beautiful picture you’ve crafted Megan. One day He will make all things right.

  13. What Lyla said.

  14. I’m sitting here, kinda stunned.

    In a good way.

    Thank you, Megan.

  15. smashing!

  16. Speechless here too. All I can think is this: I want a gravy boat too.

  17. Um. Wow! Stunned. What everyone else said!