She never heard the teacher —

“Time to come in.”

Practicing how to flip on a swing

She chose the lower one

Hit her head

blacked out

everyone gone    recess over

that’s all right

I’m all right

pain aside    one more time


now the nurse


  1. A childhood memory? Persistent, weren’t you?

  2. I would most definitely call that an adventurous, strong-willed child. And I’d like to know her. I’m guessing she is you – so I’m glad I DO.

  3. Learning in recess
    who would of thunk it
    got it in her head to flip
    it didn’t hurt to bump it

  4. Oh dear.
    That little flip
    got her
    of afternoon
    I presume.

  5. 🙂

    I love the spirit of the child, whoever she is. 😉

  6. And all I can think about is brain damage. Occupational hazard. But it made me smile anyway.

  7. I blacked out when I did a flip on the monkey bar to show off for a boy after school. Flip. Thud. Woke up to, “Wow!” No adult. No nurse. I prayed I wouldn’t die.