Music is Poetry

Hi, y’all. I’m not posting a poem today. On Friday, I ran into a friend who mentioned she never got a chance to see the Pride of the Texas Hill Country Fredericksburg High School Band’s performance, which won second in state on Monday among 3A schools in Texas.

If you have eight minutes and 52 seconds, be amazed.

Go, Pride!

P.S. My daughter is on marimba, to the right of the drum major in the middle. You can see her ponytail bobbing.


  1. Nothing better than a proud momma!

    Well done and yes, I was amazed I saw her pony tale bobbing — very cool.

    The soprano was beautiful!

    You know.. at the Calgary Stampede they have marching band competitions every year…. just saying… maybe your daughter’s band should plan a trip 🙂

  2. Holy crap!!! This is a marching BAND? Except for no strings, I would have sworn this was an orchestral piece. Complex, interesting, really fun to watch. It is immensely gratifying to see such fine musicianship in a local high school – gives me hope for the future of the world, actually! How in the world did your daughter get into the marimba? And does she ever wear a small keyboard for parades? I am so glad you got to see this, Megan. And the camera work is grand – and my new little laptop shows it in HD, so it was crystal clear. Wish I could have understood the words of the soloist – got “I am clothed with…” and that’s about all. MORE INFO, please.

  3. Wow!! I can see why they placed so high. Amazing! I know how your heart swelled watching that little pony tail bob! I really miss watching my son’s marching band. This was wonderful!

  4. You must have gotten there early to get a seat at the 50-yard line!

    Wow, I bet it was a tough job for the judges. To march diagonally with that kind of precision. Too cool.

    I only watched this time. Later I’ll be able to turn on the speakers and will both see and hear it. Thanks for taking me to the bleachers with you! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ah, and this time I heard it!
    (Love that double-flag thing they had going, starting around 4:32.)

  6. It’s been too long since I’ve been to a band competition! Loved this. Beautiful.

  7. Awesome performance! Unusual music, way above average flag routines, great percussion. They must have a great/demanding band director.

  8. WOW! They are amazing. So creative and different. Love the ballet and the soprano–quite classy. Especially like that pony-tailed marimba player though. So much music to learn and so very difficult. Thanks for sharing this great performance. Im impressed.

  9. Wowee! Go, pride, indeed! This makes me happy.

  10. Amazing! Love the marimba. I’ve only been to one band competition. That was in Florida where bands from all over came, and some kids passed out from the heat.

    I was in the marching band for a couple years. Couldn’t play a thing, but taught myself to twirl a baton. So much fun.

  11. Love it! Takes me back to my years of high school marching band. I’m willing to be that, to this day, my stride takes me five yards in exactly eight steps!

    Thanks so much for sharing this–I know what a big day this was for you and your daughter. And, I just love the title of the post. It is, you know?