Advent and Willie Nelson

First things first: You cannot criticize my affection for Willie unless you also grew up in Austin in the ’70s and somehow resisted the pull of Trigger (his guitar).

So I was pretty pleased when I recently found his album “Heroes” which includes the song “Come on Back Jesus.” This being the time of Advent, I thought this song was just about perfect.

The world’s done got crazy, and it seems to get worse every day.

True, Willie. True. Everyone’s talking about how bad things are. At church, we’re lighting candles to get ready for the coming of Christ. But in this song, Jesus brings someone with him.

Come on back, Jesus, and pick up John Wayne on the way.

Why should the Son of God choose the Duke?

They just don’t respect peace anymore.

And what exactly does John Wayne have that we need?

We know he can swing from the floor.

If ol’ John Wayne does tag along on the Second Coming, what should we do during the epic battle?

While he kicks their butts, we’ll just stand there and watch him and pray.

Some people say the world is ending in just a few days, on 12/21/12. On one hand, that’s the last day of finals, so my kids would welcome the break, but on the other hand, they’d like to finish growing up. A heavenly reunion might wreck those dreams.

Maybe I’m wasting my money and time buying presents. I’ll take my chances. Because so far, no one’s predictions have come true.

So, come on back, Jesus. And pick up John Wayne on the way.


  1. You made me smile early this morning. Thanks for that.

  2. Oh my, I’ve never heard that song before. Sounds like a rootin-tootin-rapture!

  3. I love this. Giggled my way through – and I could do with a few giggles. Thanks!!

  4. This is a fun post, Megan! I would go ahead with the gifts, for now, though.
    BTW, i heard that yesterday, 12/12/12, the Mayans had predicted a day of enhanced consciousness for all humanity. Well THAT never happened. Not even a little bit, although I waited for it all day. It kind of put a damper on any expectations for 12/21/12.

  5. Yup. Made me smile too! And I like that — if it does end… at least I’ll be smiling!