At Times Like This, Tea

Forget complicated instructions.

Ignore those who say you must try this you

must do that.

Buy tea that sounds yummy. Brew it.

If you like it sweet, add sweet. If you don’t,

don’t. You are not under surveillance by the tea police

as you top your fine English breakfast with Redi Whip.


people across this blue-green world drink with you.


Today, I drink Joy

read a poem or two

in a few minutes, the leaves unfurl

and so do I. The laptop anticipates my next move.

Most days the tea runs out before the words.


  1. My words are often tea-fuelled too. At least, before evening’s arrival brings a glass of red wine.

  2. Megan, you never cease to amaze me with how you use plain ordinary words to create something so beautiful and moving. I love you.

  3. What Fayma said is so true, Megan.

    And your words are beautiful.

  4. redi whip

    i love it

  5. Susan DiMickele says

    I had the most amazing tea last week and it really changed my day. Heck, it made my week — maybe even my month. So I get it.

  6. At times like this…yes, a spot of tea, anyway we like. It warms me…as do your words.

  7. Some days, all a person really needs is permission to ignore the musts. Thank you.

  8. I like that feeling, when my mug is dry and i realize that the words are just flowing — can’t stop for a refill!

  9. *sigh* This sounds like a perfect Advent moment.