Fairy tale poem


Snow White lives up the street

with those seven little dwarves. She’s got it good.

They eat a lot when they come home, but they’re gone

most of the day.

Back home, they stay up late, tell stories. Snow

White likes the noise.

It comforts her to know they’re safe.

The washing and mending isn’t too overwhelming. They aren’t

picky. But sometimes Snow White gets lonely,

goes into town in disguise.

Once she dressed as a handsome prince. People bowed.

Once she was an old lady, selling apples.

She has a new huntsman outfit she’s dying to try.

The dwarves came home late last night.

They’d finished their big project — something handmade

of glass.

Snow White asked to see it.

They said no.


  1. Snow White gets lonely, goes to town in disguise….oh my my my…this line took me all sorts of places. She appears to be playing all the parts or at least attempting to, seeing what she can pass herself off as….. a very thought-provoking poem, Megan! And the title didn’t escape my attention.

    Can’t wait to see how this struck others.

  2. Nice. 🙂