on Mary

Since word has gone out that I’ve gone Catholic, my friends are sending me Mary things.

One friend wrote, “Often I’ve wanted to remind you that being a wife is always hard and often being a mother…. well, just ask Mary. I’ve been there I have the tee-shirt with stains still hidden away in a drawer to prove it.”

Don’t you love the idea of Mary with a stained T-shirt in a drawer? It should say, “Mother of Jesus. Pray for me.”

Another friend was on vacation and visited a historic church. She texted me a photo, along with the message, “She understands a sorrowful heart.”

Then I followed a link and learned that this particular image is Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the patron saint of Haiti. Since October, I’ve had three friends travel there, each with a different group.

It makes me think I know nothing of sorrow.



  1. I used to be very angry with Mary — for a whole bunch of reasons — like… well… you know… she’s the cause of women being subjugated, of our being second to men, of…. well, I had a whole lot of reasons for my anger.

    Turns out, she was the one who could help me deal with my anger and find peace.


  2. “Perpetual help.” A good thing to remember. I really enjoy your writing.

  3. What do I know of sorrow, either?

    Thank you for this reflection. I’m going to treasure up these things in my heart and ponder them.

  4. I’ve hidden a lot of things away that remind me of sorrow…

  5. I often try to imagine her with “real skin” Megan. I cannot fathom the joy and the sorrow. Do you read Elizabeth Foss’ blog? I think you would love it (I do!). Here is the link just in case:
    Wasn’t that cold front a blessing? I think we’ll get to have a fire in the fireplace tonight!

  6. I love that image. My spiritual director is one of the Sisters and she mentioned saying a prayer to St. Brigid on Feb. 1 for me, as she is known for her miracles (I guess :)). I’ve been praying a lot for Haiti and it strikes me how much we know these days. Compassion does flatten out the world a little bit.

  7. I loved this post. The first sentence made me smile, the last resonated. I feel like I’ve been blessed early this morning with a thought I can take with me and think about the whole day (and beyond). A gift, this. Thank you.

  8. i know hardly anything at all, as i didn’t go to kindergarden.

  9. I think the Protestants are missing out big-time by not having a feminine figure to look up to. I wrote about it once here. http://shrinkingthecamel.com/2009/10/06/something-about-mary/

    Also, I love this Mary song by Patty Griffin. You must close your eyes and listen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0a4dRI1JMM

  10. http://myprayingchairs.blogspot.com says

    Dearest Megan. It is hard for me to type from my tiny phone and I don’t get to BIG desk top often. Your post blessed me and I thank you and I smiled. Can’t wait for lunch. And wish I could fly fish. WOW