Announcement by way of haiku

peach trees are budding

vineyard blooms follow—

Lyla finished my website

OK. It’s not a perfect haiku. You’d know that if you read Lyla Lindquist’s “Boost Your Haiku High-Q” infographic over at Tweetspeak. However, it does reflect a season—spring—which which has shown up in Central Texas. And it doesn’t rhyme (so you still like me, right?). And I am particularly emotional about my new website being ready, after years of denying that I needed professional help.

So, if all goes well, the new site will launch tomorrow, March 4, 2013. I’ve never had an RSS feed before, but I will now. If you were RSSing on your own, you may need to resubscribe using as the website address.

If there are any problems, they’ll get worked out. Spring is funny that way–thunderstorms one day, sunny and 72 the next. Or in Lyla’s corner of the country, random blizzards. Lay in your store of tea now!

Thank you all. I mean it.


  1. I’m excited to see what you’ve created!

  2. Fayma Drummond says

    Can’t wait to follow you in this endeavor, as I know it will be interesting and exciting as is every word you put in print! I only hope I have enough skills and patience to hook up! LOL I love you.

  3. Ooooh. I’ll be looking tomorrow! Yay You! Yay Lyla!

  4. spring may be coming here
    but in new zealand
    march is autumn and harvest

  5. lschontos says

    Such excitement Megan! One of these days I will have to have some remodeling done too. Can’t wait to see what you and Lyla have done.

  6. And don’t forget that even in our corner of Texas…. spring freezes CAN and DO happen. Can’t wait to see your-about-time blog. 🙂

  7. Hey, y’all. So happy that you’re sticking around. I’m checking to see if commenting works okay.

  8. LOVE all this red!

  9. Yowza! This is FABulous! Simple, bold, teetering, risky.

    You are rockin’ it, Megan!

  10. Love the red teacups – this is so fun, Megan!

  11. This is me, jumping up and down and clapping my hands! This is wondrous. Just lovely. Lyla outdid herself :).

  12. It looks so nice Megan – so neat and clean. I think it suits you so well. Lyla did an amazing job. Just the teacups and your beautiful words. Perfect!

  13. I wouldn’t know a haiku from a poem about a fart, but I know this. I love the look of your new place. Clean and crisp with a slightly whimsical stack of RED tea cups. Perfect! (And congratulations!)

  14. Megan,

    It’s beautiful! I’ll have a hot cup of tea and stay a long while. . .

  15. Love, love, LOVE your new look, Megan. RED teacups. . . pack those up the next time you come to Laity and we’ll have a cuppa on the deck, okay? Congratulations to both you and Lyla for beautiful work. Enjoy!

  16. Patricia Spreng says

    Love this!! go girl!!

  17. love the new look! love the colors, love the simplicity, love the “real” rss feed – love all of it!


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