Why I stopped writing (for one day)



because the dogs kept me company last night

because I rose early enough to see the sunrise

because I said yes to an invitation to lunch

because I never feel guilty about tea

because I began to read real books

because the weather today was the definition of spring

because I got too happy to type and there’s a poem in that, too.


  1. Fayma Drummond says

    This says to me, “As important as writing is to me, there are some days (probably very few) that one or more other things are more important.” How close am I? This is how I think it should be. There are times when we should temporarily let go of something important in order to “catch up.”

  2. Too happy to type.


  3. It’s the last day of spring break and me and three boys just took an epic trek through the woods across the railroad tracks by our neighborhood. I took my camera along and captured trees and flowers and deer tracks, and also one frog. The boys got their shoes muddy and we all have scratches from the Greenbriers. We were disappointed not see any bears or even any white tail. But one frog will do.

    This is a good day, indeed.

  4. I can add many, many things to that list. Lately, it’s been mostly “consumed by work.” But there is swimming, too. And some good things that you have on your list, like ‘Reading real books.”
    But I think about writing, you know.

  5. Author Stephen King advises putting the writing desk in the corner of the room, not the center, and go live a life. If Spring doesn’t call a person away from the keyboard, I’d check for a pulse. 🙂

  6. Sigh….and in the stopping soaked in lots of wonder to pour out in words some other day.

  7. however…i know a little secret about writers…
    even when they’re not writing,
    they’re taking notes

  8. We had spring yesterday. It’s gone again.