Weather Report

HI 50/ LO 32

Several years ago, I read Kathleen Norris’ book “Dakota: A Spiritual Geography.” I heard her speak at Baylor University in 2002, and promptly went out and read everything she’s ever written. But one of my favorite things in all her work was the “weather reports” she included in “Dakota.” These are short, date-specific reflections on the weather. They serve as commentary on the larger story.

For the foreseeable future, you will see a weather report in the top right-hand corner of this blog. Maybe just a high and low from the forecast, via my favorite weather app. Maybe a short description: “Thunderstorms likely.”

I’m not telling you where the weather information is coming from. I’m not telling you why I’m posting it. Just trust me.

This morning, it’s actually cooler here—35 degrees—than there—38 degrees. But we’ll warm up to 74. They’re expecting snow and rain showers overnight. Here, “a few passing clouds.”


  1. I trust you. Sometimes I like not knowing.

  2. Ah. I like this. I think I’ll start checking the weather too. Daily.

  3. P.S. Cool that you heard Kathleen Norris speak!

  4. We’ve had super warm here and when I returned from Nebraska all the trees were bloomed out. The valley looks quite the decked out lady right now. I like knowing the weather down there too. Makes me wonder about the bigger picture.

  5. On my “oh-too-smart-phone,” I have 5 favorite locations so I KNOW what is happening to each of our children. Weather IS important. Been trusting you for los these xxxx years you’ve been in town; hasn’t hurt yet so will continue. Just love you smart youngsters.

  6. First, thank you. I needed a new book recommendation.

    And, I remember house-sitting for a friend in Vermont who had a simple journal open on the kitchen counter. He recorded the daily weather as well as other observations about what was happening in and around his home. I thought there was a quiet attentiveness and charm to these simple entries.

    Finally I remember very few things from my high school physics class, but one thing I do remember is this: my teacher often used to say, “You can’t judge a day by the weather.” So true.

  7. Here, it was in the 40s today. Sunny. Can’t complain. Weather is funny…despite how hard the meteorologists try, the weather ends up unpredictable.

  8. John Willome says

    You are brilliant.

  9. when ever someone ask about my view of politics … i tell them cloudy with a chance of showers.

  10. Megan, clicked on over via Lyla’s recommendation. First time I’ve seen your new site. She did a fabulous job!
    The weather posting idea just makes me smile.
    Who knew you could generate so many conversations/comments?
    Us? (Seattle) 70 today. Seven zero. It was time to break out the capris.
    Rain’ll be back this weekend, tho. (my garden will be thrilled).

  11. I do love a mystery, but there’s no peeking at the back of the book for this one 🙂 And, yes, I do trust you.

  12. Thanks for making me smile with this one!!

  13. My mother kept a journal for years. It always included a brief description of the weather.

  14. Adding this book to my stack. And as your husband says, you’re brilliant.

    My father-in-law kept a diary (not a journal), and like Susan’s mom, it always included weather. And who visited or who they visited. And what they ate. Often while he was in the nursing home, it included the words “not good.”