Small Stones

We never knew

that Clover ate Polo’s food when our backs were turned

that she growled at her sister until she backed down

that she grew fat because she was a thief

that her supposed submission—rolling over on her back and looking pathetic—

was an act.

Until the pet sitter told us, we never knew.



  1. If only those who know would tell sooner…

  2. Fayma Drummond says

    Funny isn’t it how so many things can happen “right under our noses” and we are not aware until someone not so close to the situation brings it to our attention.

  3. What really gets me is all the things I’m doing to myself “right under my nose” that I can’t see until someone else points them out. Thanks goodness for my friends who do so.

  4. Those blind spots…

  5. Sometimes it takes an objective eye.
    Clever dog!

  6. I’m with Monica. We do tend to have some things we simply don’t see. But then again – some dogs can be pretty sneaky 🙂

  7. And this is the one I came over here looking for.

    Oh, Clover. Oh, oh Clover.