Fawn Poem



Whatever it is

that makes this fawn wait

so very still



in the lawn beside the curb,

it is the hoof


of childhood.

The fawn’s eyes follow

me. Its ears do not flick


nor does it breathe

too heavily. My dogs—

usually vigilant—


miss this gift in the grass.

My dad says a fawn will wait

all day for its mother


even if she leaves it exposed.

I just have to hope she

makes it back okay.


  1. I can’t explain why but this makes my soul hurt…I think the last two stanzas push me over the edge but I also think it’s the whole thing. And how it relates to the human condition (or at least mine) as well…

    All I guess I need to say is well done Megan – well done. This hit a spot deep in me.

  2. so very still…