Upside Down

HI 60/ LO 36, severe flood warning

Last Thursday night, May 16, the final episode of The Office aired. I’ve written about The Office here before. My favorite, favorite Michael Scott line of all time is from the “Secret Santa” episode of season 6, written by Mindy Kaling, in which he dresses up as Jesus (because Phyllis beat him to dressing up as Santa). Michael—not so up on his Bible—says about Jesus, “His last name is Christ. He has the power of flight. He can heal leopards.”

Of course, Michael should have said “lepers,” but “leopards” is much funnier. Is is possible there might be leopards that need healing?

And the power of flight. I once read that there are two essential superpowers: the power to make yourself invisible and the power to fly. Why didn’t Jesus ever fly? Seems like a bit of an oversight.

Which brings me to this photo.

These God is Love mugs belong to a friend of mine. As you can see, they’re upside down. It’s not meant to be a statement; it’s just to keep the dust out.

But I love this photo because sometimes the whole God is Love thing feels upside down. Sometimes it feels like Jesus should have the power of flight and put it to good use. Sometimes I think that maybe Jesus should be out there healing leopards.

Michael Scott is not Jesus or even Santa. The Office is just a TV show that we’ve watched on and off for eight years (and no one in our family is more of an authority on the subject than my daughter.) But sometimes, I wish Michael was right about the leopards and the power of flight. Sometimes I look at those mugs and wish they were put away right-side up.


  1. Yeah, I wish that, too. So glad I’m getting email notifications about your posts again!!

  2. Love this. 🙂