The High Calling of Work (as seen at church)

HI 62 / LO 50, wind west-northwest at 6mph

Our church bulletin includes advertisements from members. Some of you who just read that sentence will be appalled; others will think, “Yeah, so?”

It is a Sunday as I write this. I just got home from church and made myself a pot of silver needles jasmine tea. I opened the bulletin and for the first time really read the ads.

Here’s a small sample of the kind of work done by people at our church:

* dentist

* credit union

* glasses store

* optometrist (x2)

* bank

* kid chefs

* tourist attraction/wildflower farm

* hospice

* body shop

* medical clinic

* heating & air conditioning (x3—There’s competition in that market!)

* motel

* investment firm

* butcher

* landscaper

* restaurant (x3—Did I mention this is a tourist town?)

* local charity

* liquor store

* plumbing (x2)

* high-speed internet

* urology

* dermatology

* carpets/wallpaper/window treatments/flooring/paint store

* sports medicine & orthopaedics

* construction

More than likely, your church has some members in these professions as well. There are other members at our church who have the kinds of jobs that don’t advertise—nurses, office managers, teachers, maintenance workers, ranchers and farmers. Oh, and all the retired folks. And me, writer and editor. All of us worshipping together and then going back to work.


  1. Best post I’ve read in a while.

  2. I love this – it speaks of an integration that most Protestants only give lip service to. Thanks for this very practical reminder that all of who we are matters to God – and to the body of Christ.

  3. kid chefs…
    i wonder if that’s
    kids that are chefs
    or chefs that cook for kids
    or both…