A poem from George Winston’s “Montana–A Love Story”

All words in caps from the song titles of George Winston’s “Montana—A Love Story,” my new current favorite writing music.




never been there       never heard the High Plains Lullaby

i’m Billy In The Low Land without a clue as to how to dance the Montana Glide

Nevertheless, Hello         i’m here at last

in big Sky country where You Send Me

i feel like Thumbelina next to these montañas

they say The Mountain Winds Call Your Name but i can’t hear the Music Box

not yet


i drive up to your house      it looks like The Little House I Used to Live In

where’s the Bamboo where you used to hide? Maybe there are Variations On it out back


i can’t bring myself to knock on the door

all i can do is sit here on the stoop, Twisting the Hay Rope

oh my Sweet Soul just ring the bell!


there’s so much i don’t understand    your words still don’t make sense

what is Gobajie? Goobajie? Valse de Frontenac?

i looked up Kojo No Tsuki       it means moon over the ruined castle

which sounds lovely and spooky


The Muse says it’s Raining in Her  she says it will stop when i go inside

inside is Joy, Hope, And Peace


you’re coming      i hear your footsteps

Goodnight Irene


  1. I’ve heard him in concert a couple of times. Pretty cool that he plays slack-key Hawaiian guitar, too.

    Good idea for writing music. You might like David Lanz, too. His “Heartsounds” is my favorite.

  2. Okay, now you’ve actually got me reading your poetry 🙂

    And I like it. It’s playful and I think it reflects how much you really loved your journey through Lonesome Dove. Something about that story, something within this music seems to be calling you home.

    And I think this was much more clever than the poet who used the 70s music titles!