Why I Like Fairytales

No more mommy blogs, please


give me fairytales

sword fights and monsters

magic rings, magic pies

talking cats, talking pinecones

beastly children and childlike beasts

dragons in disguise

spells speared by love



  1. Please please please…. I just try not to look, but I know they are there all saying how abysmally I have done (in between the lines). If I were to start my own mommy blog to offer a point counter point it would be called “Why I can’t sleep at night”.

    love your poem, Megan :0)

  2. Amen!

  3. You know, Megan, I do like you very much. 🙂

    Talking pinecones? When we go backpacking, sometimes we find a stick and pine cones and play pine cone baseball (after packing up the tents and before hiking back). If those pine cones could talk . . .

  4. ‘spells speared by love,’ indeed. Yeah, I get this. (But I do love the funny mommy blogs. Yeah, those I enjoy. And a couple of others. . .)

  5. my cat talks…

  6. There are surely seasons when I all I want is to crawl back into a particular familiar type of story that will carry me away with possibilities and hope.
    “Spells speared by love”…..beautiful!

  7. Yes. Spells speared by love. And a bowl of warm soup.