31 Days of Dogs, 10/1

It’s that time again–31 Days of (fill in the blank). I’ve got a busy month ahead of me. So, I give you 31 Days of Dogs. My dogs, Polo and Clover.


Because they are my faithful writing companions. Not one word is typed without their careful attention, their climbing on my lap at just the wrong moment, their jumping off my chair when a squirrel enters the property. They sniff my tea and finish my crumbs. They’ve patiently listened to every article that’s been published in the Wacoan for the last four years because I read each one aloud. They’ve even chimed in on a few interviews.

Wishing you all 31 days of writing joy.

Writing buddies

Writing buddies



  1. the dog days of fall

  2. There’s nothing like a four-legged friend (or two!) to bring a little excitement and a lot of love to your days. Looking forward to 31 Days of our furry friends! 🙂

  3. Ah! You’re actually doing it! Sorry–I’ve been offline a lot lately and don’t like to read blogs on my phone 🙂

  4. Meagan, I love this idea of 31 days. Your dogs are cute. We have moved back to F on 22 Sept. I will be taking our 3 dogs for walks here soon. We ventured out last week a couple of times. The cooler morns are great motivation. I have many boxes to unpack still, but hope to find places for everything by Christmas!