31 Days of Dogs, 10/3

I walk my dogs around 5:30 a.m., so it’s always dark. That means I can’t take a decent picture of our daily adventures. Today’s (and really, every day’s) foe: sticker burrs.

I’m sure most of you don’t have any idea what a sticker burr is. They are particular to Central Texas. They are a type of wild grass that grows little balls of thorns. Think of those puffy fish with the spines. Each blade of this weedy grass grows, oh, half a dozen sticker burrs. We have them year-round. They tend to grow in the grass closest to the road, where the sprinklers don’t reach. If the apocalypse does come, I predict sticker burrs will remain and thrive.

The dogs constantly step in these hazards. They learned quickly that the best way to get rid of a sticker burr is to eat it. So at various points during our walk, one dog will suddenly sit down and stick her foot in her mouth. I’ve tried to help—believe me—but they prefer to do it themselves, like a child that won’t let you pull a splinter.


  1. That last line reminds me of my niece who used to scream “me do it!” when she was little.

  2. i wonder how they taste, those sticker burrs.

  3. And, suddenly, I suspect we’re not necessarily just talking about dogs . . .

  4. Ouch. And what Nancy said.

  5. Wait. There are seriously people out there who don’t have to deal with sticker burrs? **mind blown**