31 Days of Dogs, 10/7

Another picture I have trouble capturing—my dogs fighting. They fight every single day, usually in the morning. So, their routine is walk, eat, drink, explore the yard to see what might have crawled in overnight, fight.

Sometimes Polo starts the fight; sometimes Clover starts it. Sometimes they start it together, tails wagging joyfully as they go at each other’s throats. Literally. They bite ears and tails. They pin each other. They growl and bare their teeth (but not as loudly as they do when there is a dog in the alley). Sometimes they look like a black and white ball rolling across the yard. The next moment, they’re chasing each other at top speed. They can do this before sunrise as well as after. When it’s over, they go to their respective corners of the yard to rest.

Did I mention they’re sisters?


  1. My son has two guinea pigs, also sisters. We got one big cage for them (it would’ve been luxurious) but had to divide the cage in half and separate them. When they’re separated, they touch noses and act make pleasant sounds and act like they want the divider to disappear. When we tried putting them together again, they bit and squealed.

  2. Susanna and Wesley are brother and sister. Right now they are sleeping in the same bed we bought just yesterday. They’ve already chewed the “Snoozy” tag off. Later they’ll be rolling and tumbling and trying to bite each other’s lip off.

  3. Sounds perfectly right to me Megan.

  4. The fact that they are sisters says it all!