31 Days of Dogs, 10/8


Our next-door neighbors got a puppy this summer, a black mouth cur named Scout. He outgrew our terriers in about a month, but that didn’t stop Polo and Clover from thinking he was the enemy.

Scout, being both a puppy and a boy, wanted to play. He would sit next to the chain-link fence and whine. He’d bite the fence. He’d try to get my dogs to play. And like teenage girls, my dogs ignored him. Once they marched right up to the fence and then turned their backs to Scout, like the bitches they are. If they’d had ponytails, they would have swished them.

Well, it’s been four months, and Scout isn’t going anywhere. There seems to be a truce. This morning all three of them were digging a hole—from opposite sides of the fence. If Scout ever made his way to our yard, either under or over the fence, I think my dogs would be shocked. He easily weighs 75 pounds to their 20. Even playing he could hurt them.

One thing’s for sure: no new puppies. Everyone’s fixed.


  1. i do wonder if they could play okay together…maybe so.

  2. And would Scout be shocked if the girls got to him first?