31 Days of Dogs, 10/11

I’m working in my son’s room this week. It just reached 50 degrees, and I’m a little chilled after swimming, even with hot tea. But of course, I still want to celebrate the cold.

So, I’m in here with the windows open, the curtains tucked into the rod, the light on. Normally, I don’t like lights on during the day, preferring good ol’ fashioned sunshine, but in here, I want as much light as possible. I want to flood this room with light and cool, fresh fall air.

Clover is in here with me. My long-haired dog is a total wimp when it comes to cold, and my short-haired dog prefers to stay outside regardless of the temperature, especially in the morning.

Oops. I guess Polo got lonely and wondered where we were. She’s just joined us. Now she’s licking Clover’s face. Soon the ear grooming will commence, and I will have to look away. I know it’s normal animal behavior, but that doesn’t mean I have to watch it.

I almost never see my front yard and the goings-on there and on our quiet street. Like my dogs, I can tell you everything about the alley since I usually work on the back porch. The view out this window is new for me.

Come outside in the backyard, Mom.

Come outside in the backyard, Mom.



  1. Let that sun shine into that space, Megan. Oh, yes. I am not a dog person, but I’ve gotta tell you, I’m LOVING these posts. I love the matter-of-fact , ever-so-slightly sardonic way you write SO much.

  2. i’m a wimp, like Polo.

  3. Better ear grooming than other places…