31 Days of Dogs, 10/12

Yesterday was one of those days I was thinking, “Why do we even have dogs?” I mean, every single thing they did yesterday bugged me, even though none of it was egregious. I was just, like, “Not today.”

Don’t be cute today. Don’t bark today. Don’t be needy today.

The good news for them was that it was a gorgeous fall day, a chamber of commerce day. They didn’t know that Time Warner Cable was out all over town, so even restaurants couldn’t process credit card transactions. They didn’t know about the government shutdown. They are not worried about Obamacare. They just had a day without me, between their morning meal and their evening dinner. After eating, all of us were tired. We just laid around until it was finally late enough to go to bed.



  1. I remember hearing of neighbors that shared a dog. A family and on older couple. That way the dog was not at home alone all day while the family was gone, and the older couple didn’t have to be the only ones to take care of the dog. It worked out great. I don’t remember which people were the first to have the dog or how it happened to go between two houses.

    People often feed neighbors cats, if the cat wanders over.

    My sister’s dog would go to my parent’s house, on the next property from her farm, to get his daily cookie.

  2. I’ve had some of those days… why do we have dogs again after we swore no more?