31 Days of Dogs, 10/14

Here’s what Polo and Clover were doing yesterday and probably what they’ll do today. Their behavior is pretty much set. I don’t think that if they went to therapy and wrote a doggy journal that they’d change these two aspects of their personality.

Polo is sitting vigil in the dirt. She loves the dirt. She’s curled next to one of the big rocks we use to deflect the rain (when it ever comes) into the grass and off of the porch. She loves nothing more than to dig a hole in the dirt and take a nap. The kids tease her for this, but it’s just who she is. Remember the picture book “Harry, the Dirty Dog”? Polo even looks like Harry.

Clover is patrolling the storage shed. I can’t tell if she’s sniffing the perimeter or eating along it. Maybe she’s tracking a cicada or some sort of bug. Yep, it’s definitely something insect-y. She may eat my broccoli–or tomatoes–but she prefers creatures. She’s the one I have to pull away from roadkill on our walks.


  1. Ohhhh, Poh-ohhh Lo-ohhhh
    Ohhhh, Clo-ohhhhh Ver
    Ohhhh, you doggie dogs