31 Days of Dogs, 10/15

Today is the day I give my dogs their Advantage Multi, a topical solution that prevents heartworms and other disgusting worms as well as fleas. I always give it on the 15th of the month because the 15th is always a due date at work. If I tried to make it the 1st, I would get confused as to whether it’s due the beginning of the month or the end, and how many days does this particular month have anyway?

Polo has always been good about this 15-second squirt. From the time she was a puppy, we’d just pick her up in one arm and administer the liquid along her back with the other. But Clover? It took three years. Three years of two of us working together. My son was really good at holding her still, as was my husband. My daughter’s solution was to give Clover lots of treats.

I can’t say that we ever came up with an actual solution. It’s just that we kept doing the same thing once a month, year after year, and she finally gave up. Now she’s as still as Polo, but as soon as I’m done, she runs away and rolls in the grass. Then she ignores me. I’ll probably be punished for this iniquity, otherwise known as saving her life, until dinnertime.


  1. I love the way they have their own little (or Big!) personalities and how much like kids they truly are. The best part is their unconditional love. I’m sure you’ll be back in Clover’s good graces very soon.