31 Days of Dogs, 10/19

You know how they say that dogs are sensitive to humans’ emotions, that they are clued into what their people are feeling? Not my dogs.

Case in point. A couple of nights ago we were having a discussion that veered into an argument. We had yelling. We had crying. We had stoic faces. And the dogs? The dogs were Happy. Like, deliriously happy.

They were jumping up on the couch, running back and forth between the three of us, wagging their tails. Maybe they thought this whole thing was Fun. I convinced myself they wanted to go outside, but they really didn’t. I had to gently tug each of them out the door.

I wonder if they thought it was like their daily morning fights, the ones I described a few days ago. I’m sure they thought this was our version of Play, that in a few moments, we’d start biting each others ears in a display of unbridled Joy.

Then again, we’ve never tried that.


  1. So this is an example of a poem about pie, right? ‘Cept I see a whole lotta truth creeping round the edges. Good thing, too.

  2. love it

  3. Or, they sensed the tension and wanted to introduce their playfulness to try to make everyone happy.

    Yeah. That’s what I’m going with.