31 Days of Dogs, 10/24


You know, they’re not supposed to be on my bed without permission. But there they are.


  1. What is it about human beds that dogs love so much? My Tilly takes every opportunity she can to sneak up on someone’s bed. Usually mine!

  2. Love the quilt!

  3. Love the quilt! And who needs permission? I mean, really? They know you love them – they’re gonna do it.

  4. I cannot decide if we will allow our dogs in our bed. Thank goodness, it will be our decision. If they are, we’ll have to get them a set of stairs.

    Are those old crutches in the corner? We have my husband’s grandfather’s wooden crutches. He must have been tall. Dennis doesn’t remember–he says he was only 10 and pretty short when Grandpa died.