31 Days of Dogs, 10/28

Have I mentioned how much I love walking my dogs in the morning? Especially when I miss a day, as I did yesterday. (I went on a bike ride instead.)

This morning, the sky was cloudy—no moon, no stars. Polo and Clover didn’t seem to mind. We did the loop around Lower Crabapple, traveling counterclockwise so the walk was mostly uphill.

I always listen to a podcast while we walk. I’ve been going to sleep each night with a chapter from the Harry Potter audiobooks, as read by the fantastic Jim Daly. If I fall asleep during the chapter (as I did last night), I listen to it in full in the morning on our walk.

I’m in the “Prisoner of Azkaban” right now, which includes a certain black, mysterious dog. So far, he hasn’t shown up. If he does, I’ll look closely, just in case he’s not really a dog but a person in disguise.

Wands up!


  1. Waving mine over here. In your direction, as it happens.