31 Days of Dogs, 10/29

It’s muggy outside, muggy and warm. The puppies have joined me indoors.

If it rains, we’ll all get excited and go back out, but more than likely, the clouds and 81 percent humidity will just tempt us and hit Austin or Kerrville instead. It’s easy to think Fredericksburg is being judged. A couple of weeks ago, Austin had record rains—10 inches. We had 2, maybe, depending on which end of town you live in.

But Polo and Clover are happy. Their inside dog bed is a pink sleeping bag my mom bought for my daughter years ago. It’s very soft, and I recently moved it under the big desk. I don’t know why I didn’t move it there sooner, what with dogs liking the whole feel of a den.

So, they are at my feet, and I am working and drinking Tazo’s China green tips tea. Everything is waiting for rain.


  1. How do you do this? Create a scene and a mood with such spareness? Amazing.

  2. actually, a pink sleeping bag sounds rather nice to me too…